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GridArt_20230105_130507034.jpgbout the artist:

I wish a beautiful day to all visitors of my website.
My name is Dagmar Pasterňáková and on this website I will show you realistic dollies, babies and toy animals made by my own. Each dolly is original. Dollies look, make faces, take positions and even s

mell like a real babies. Dollies are suitable for collectors and may be used as a decoration and gorgeous accessory in any flat, house, chalet etc. Your dolly can sit on a sofa, lie in a pram or cradle or it can simply stay in the middle of your living room ( a taller - “older” dolly ) and your visitors will be amazed or “scared” by it. Dollies aren't suitable as

 a toy for children, but older girls will be surely able to play with them and take care of their own “real” babies.

I make all babies with a real love and it is always very difficult for me to say them good bye. But I hope that just as I’m fascinated by them you will be delighted by them as well. I am painting with Genesis heat set paints. The last layer is covered with Matt Warnish.
I roote in mono or micro rooting process. This is a very long proces, but the result look so naturel. I use the hight quality Mohair. You can style the hair like you want. The hair is sealed inside.
I am filling with high-quality, non toxic materials and weighted.

Arms, head ald legs I am filling with vinyl granules, the body with baby fat and steel shot.
There is a magnet inside the head which is fixing dummy or decorations in hair.
Attention: If you have a pacemaker I will remove the magnet!!!
Eyes are usually made by manually blown glass that ensures a “live” look.
Eyelashes are routed, Eyebrows are painted, sometimes rooted too.

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